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Premier Court

Mor-Sports fully understands that cracking is the number one reason for unsightly and unreliable repairs to tennis courts.

Therefore we offer a number of sports surfaces solutions that will not crack and will eliminate the appearance of existing cracks. One of these is called the Premier court. It is a composite system with the built in properties of being both a cushion system and crack protection system.

Premier Court has now joined the the team of world class products which including Decoturf, Plexipave, and Rebound Ace that Mor-Sports can offer.

Premier Court, is the ultimate in cushioned mat system that is 225% more cushion that other cushion courts. Its inclusion into our “basket” of surfaces means that Mor-Sports is able offer surfacing solutions for a wide range of ball sports such as tennis, pickleball, basketball and netball, offering every sports surfacing solution that the Client may demand.

Having a proven track record and not having a single failure or warranty related issue claimed against the product means that you can have the utmost confidence that the product will perform as specified.

This proven performance since 1989 allows us to offer the most complete warranty plans available. The Standard Twenty-Five (25) Year Warranty is the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. The warranty is all-inclusive and has no hidden costs or prorated expenses to the customer, were work required after the initial installation is completed.

What is Premier Court?

It is a patented manufactured composite system, which when combined with standard acrylic recreational coating creates the Premier Court.

It is designed specifically to defend against cracking caused by a variety of reasons, the main ones being structural cracks and weatherization. In addition to defending against structural cracking, this system (over 2,000 courts have been built worldwide, in Florida, courts have been built in various locations including Boca Raton and the panhandle area) is proven to protect against the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly damage caused by the weather. It will protect against all conditions, particularly against the extremely hot and humid conditions encountered here in Florida.

Premier Court 4 Phase Renovation

Surface Features and benefits

Because the design is based on a composite format, Premier Court is able to do something no other tennis surface can - provide the permanent elimination and prevention of cracks to a court surface meaning that our Client’s do not have to spend money year after year having cracks repaired, only to have them reopen soon after the repair work is completed. It is a real, long term cost effective alternative to the traditional repair or reconstruction methods which simply do not cure the problem.

Performance is maintained by the reapplication of the acrylic recreational coatings every five years.

The Premier Court System can provide you with an all weather tennis court(s) that in addition, is also ideal for:

  • Both indoors and outdoors
  • An overlay to hard courts either asphalt or concrete
  • A multi-sport surface for basketball, volleyball and other sports.
  • A world-class, championship caliber playing surface.
  • The only permanent solution to cracking tennis courts
  • A portable surface for events and tournaments

It has solved the cracking problems associated to hard courts in facilities around the world. Facilities such as private residential courts, private club courts, private and public schools, parks and recreation facilities, as well as many other types of facilities, have upgraded their facility allowing Premier Court to provide them with one of the most advanced cushion system ever developed for ball sports.


The Premier Court is a recognized, world class, championship caliber tennis surface. When these characteristics are combined with portability, event promoters and organizers, facilities and organizations are able to choose venues that best meet their needs.

The Premier Court System can be installed and removed in several hours, allowing for the minimum number of facility rental days.

Tournaments can be held in arenas or facilities that allow for maximum spectators, where the tennis play and the spectators are protected from the elements, and provides first class amenities. Also, collegiate and high school tennis programs can create a practice facility when their outdoor court use is not possible due to weather or other factors. The Portable Premier Court System can be installed onto concrete, wood or other approved sub-floor systems. We simply arrive at an event location, install the surface and tournament play is ready.

Is the Premier Court System suitable for Tournaments?

The performance characteristics of the Premier Court System combined are the reasons why it has been the selected surface for Davis Cup Events, Federation Cup Events, ATP tour Events, Senior Mens Tour Events, WorldTeam Events as well as Associated Professional Events around the world.

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